Virginia Beach home values increased slightly

Virginia Beach Home Values Increased Slightly

ABC 13 News reports, Virginia Beach home values increased slightly, according to the Real Estate Assessor’s annual report for the year of 2017-2018.

The report reveals that about 72% of all Virginia Beach properties increased in value, while 14% decreased and 14% remained the same.

Virginia Beach home values increased slightly. The assessed value of all the properties in Virginia Beach increased by a total of 2.45%.

The city’s annual real estate assessments are used to determine how much property owners are charged in real estate taxes. Real estate taxes are the primary source of funding for city services such as public safety, road maintenance, and schools.

Assessments vary based on factors such as age, type, quality and location of the property.

The following breakdown of the assessments has been posted on the City of Virginia Beach website:

Single Family $267,900 $330,700 2.7%
Townhouse $140,800 $152,000 3.2%
Low-Rise Condominium $195,900 $230,000 1.4%
High-Rise Condominium/Co-op $270,600 $290,300 -3.1%
Duplex/Home with Apartments $316,600 $444,400 -0.8%
All Residences $236,900 $291,700 2.4%

Although Virginia Beach home values increased slightly, you may not agree with that assessment.

According to the City of Virginia Beach, if you feel your assessment is way off, you may now appeal the assessment. Appeals are conducted by request Monday – Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. by the Personal Property Taxpayers Division at the Commissioner’s office.

Many states like California and Oregon sought solutions in property tax limitations. They made it a part of the Constitution that property assessments could not increase more than 3 to 5% per year from a fixed assessment. To increase property taxes more than 3 to 5%, those states either required bond measures to raise additional money or adjusted the assessment higher to market value when a house sold.

Oregon and California homeowners still complain about their property taxes, but they voted for the extras on their bill. They voted for school bond measures, and money for parks, libraries, and street improvements. But at least the power was in the majorities’ hands rather than in the bureaucrats’ hands.

Virginia Beach home values increased slightly.

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