Best cities for starting over if moving from Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Chesapeake

The Top 5 Best Cities for Starting Over

People get wanderlust every now and then, wishing they were somewhere else. Some people think nothing of packing up and driving a U-Haul truck to some glamorous city to start over. Other people follow the money, driving their U-Haul truck to the city promising the best paycheck. Many would love to leave snow and ice behind them and head for sunnier climes. Plenty of people want to live in cities close enough to drive to see their children and grandchildren. No matter your reason, we understand why you might want to pull up stakes and plant them somewhere else. We’ve compiled a list of the best cities for starting over for your consideration.


We started with the state at the top of the list from such trusted sources as WalletHub, Forbes and Texas has enjoyed for several years now the birth of start-ups, entrepreneurial efforts and the aerospace industry in addition to other industries. The proximity of industry and business, employment growth, college degrees required, the cost of living and the accessibility of cultural activities went into making up the list. It just makes sense that Texas’ top three cities should be excellent places to start over:

One: Irving

Ten miles from Dallas, a little over one quarter of a million people live in Irving. They work in manufacturing, construction and the professional sector. Just under a dozen schools and colleges keep student occupied, while their parents work in one of several world headquartered companies in Irving.

Two: Grand Prairie

Business opportunities and high salaries make Grand Prairie the second best city to which to relocate. Located 15 miles from Dallas, the city includes just under 200,000 residents. Their children attend almost 20 elementary, middle schools and high schools, with plenty of colleges in town. It is satisfying to note that Grand Prairie enjoys the 16th spot on the Top list of “cities with the lowest ratio of average home value to average family income”.

Three: Austin

If Money magazine calls a city The Best on their list, then you can bet it’s the best. The population, business and the arts are exploding in addition to the economy being quite steady. The second largest state capital in the county, it is also the fourth most populated city in Texas. If you appreciate live music, theater, film and other forms of culture, then check out Austin. Oh, yes, if you know anything about technology, then make yourself at home!


If you don’t mind mountains, forests, high plains, rivers and green as far as the eye can see, then Colorado is the place to be. The economy is braced by the aerospace industry, technology and, oddly, the film industry. Homes cost around one quarter of a million dollars, while income on average is around $60K a year.

Four: Boulder

Surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks, Boulder is home to around 104,000 people. Their kids attend the best-rated schools in the state, and then go on to attend the University of Colorado at Denver or the United States Air Force Academy. If you relocate to Boulder, you will have access to many of the parks for which Colorado is famous. Colorado has more square miles of park lands than any state in the country.

Five: Colorado Springs

Closer to one-half million people live here as opposed to Boulder’s just over 100,000. Residents work in much the same industries as their Colorado brethren such as manufacturing, technology and the professional sector. Homes here run around one-quarter million, with incomes averaging out at $30K per year. Want to spend time on a dude ranch? You’ll have several from which to choose.

These are the top five best cities for starting over on most everyone’s top list. When you get the itch to pack a box, load up a U-Haul truck and hit the road, contact us for more information. We will buy your Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or Norfolk home fast, and for cash, so you can move on with your life.

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