Spruce Up Your Kitchen to help sell your house fast

Spruce Up Your Kitchen to Help Sell Your House Fast

I Need to Sell my House in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach or Norfolk: How Can I Make my Kitchen more Attractive?

When buying a home, more people are concerned with the kitchen than anything else. As such, it really helps to spruce up your kitchen to help sell your house fast. Keep reading for some answers on how you can enhance this space and attract more buyers?

1. Ensure there is Adequate Lighting

The last thing you want your kitchen to be is dark and uninviting. As such, one of the best ways to enhance this space is to ensure there is adequate lighting. Some natural light is preferred, so if your kitchen doesn’t have a window, you may want to consider adding one. This might not be possible if your kitchen is in the center of your home, in which case installing a skylight might be a better option. If your interior lighting isn’t adequate, you should consider upgrading it before you sell.

2. Choose Colors Carefully

Light colors will help to open up your space and make it seem bigger. You’re not stuck with bright white, as beige, tan, and almond are also good choices. If your cabinets are made from dark wood, you may want to paint them or have them refaced. To keep your room from looking too bland, add a bright-colored throw rug or sit a vase full of flowers on your countertop. Your accessories can be as bright as you would like, so don’t be afraid to use vivid hues of red, orange or blue in your decorating scheme. For more color ideas, check out Sherwin Williams’ Kitchen Color Inspiration Gallery.

3. Clean and Declutter

There’s no better way to make your room seem bigger than to eliminate clutter. This is especially important in galley kitchens, when the amount of storage space you have might already be very tight. You should also reduce the number of items you have sitting on the counter to make it appear more spacious. Keep wall hangings to a bare minimum, and make sure there are no more than one or two items hanging on your refrigerator. Limit the number of things on top of your cabinets to only one or two on each side.

4. Open Up the Space

You may need to take a few additional measures to help open up your space such as:

  • Removing cabinet doors on upper cabinets to create open shelving
  • Adding glass panels to cabinet doors
  • Using shelves or bins for lower cabinets, covering them with a sheer curtain panel
  • Hanging a mirror on one wall
  • Completely removing all window coverings
  • Widening doorways slightly
  • Covering your appliances with contact paper that matches your cabinets to prevent space from being broken up visually
  • Installing floor-to-ceiling storage units to give the illusion that your ceiling is actually higher

5. Tie Your Spaces Together

If you have a galley kitchen, it’s extremely important for it to “flow” well with adjoining rooms. That way, they will appear to be a part of a larger room rather than an isolated hallway. Using the same flooring and wall coverings throughout will help the eye see two different areas as one space. It can also be helpful to use furniture in your adjoining space that has the same lines and wood tones as your cabinetry. Place similar accessories in both rooms, and consider connecting your kitchen and adjoining space together with a carpet runner.

Some kitchens may have such a poor design that it isn’t possible to just spruce up your kitchen to help sell your house fast. A full remodel may be necessary to make it functional. Since you may not recuperate all your money, a better solution would be to contact us. We buy houses in any condition, even ones with galley kitchens that might not be attractive to other buyers. We also pay cash for houses throughout Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake and close quickly so you can put the process of selling behind you.

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