Tips to sell your house quickly in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeak

Seven Steps to Sell Your House Quickly in Hampton Roads

Selling real estate is normally a process that homeowners take their time with as they want to make sure they are making the correct decision and have a place to live after the property sells. Whether you have had a recent job change, life change, or you just want to sell your house quickly, in Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Chesapeake, VA, there are seven simple and helpful steps that you can take to get your property ready for selling quickly.

Note: This article is geared toward Hampton Roads home sellers who are looking to invest some money into improving their house before putting it on the market. If you would like to sell your house as-is, without making any repairs, check out my article Why it Pays to Sell Your House for Cash in Hampton Roads.

Use a Professional Deep Cleaning Service

An unkempt home is harder to sell than a clean and organized home. For this reason, you should take advantage of a professional deep cleaning service to get your property looking spotless. While you can do a fairly thorough cleaning, it is professionals that have the equipment to do a very thorough cleaning. If you are looking for cleaner in Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Chesapeake, we recommend Custom Maid

Get a Home Inspection Before Listing

Although there is nothing wrong with not getting a home inspection before listing your home, there are some advantages that come with getting an inspection prior to putting it on the market. For instance, you can find out about problems that you can fix before attempting to sell. It is also ideal because it will inform you of issues that are not worth fixing, but will help you gain trust when notifying potential buyers. Our recommendation for this service in Hampton Roads is Jodat Home Inspections.

Gather Up Warranties and Manuals

Whenever you replace your appliances or get any sort of work done, you want to keep all paperwork, warranties, and manuals in one place as these will be highly valuable to potential home buyers. Warranties increase the value of your home because of the guarantees they provide to either appliances or work done to the home. Also, manuals are ideal for when you want to leave appliances behind.

Hire a Handyman for Easy Repairs

While you might want to invest in major repairs with certified professionals such as plumbers, roofers, and electricians, this can end up costing a lot of money, thus reducing your overall profits. However, you can hire a handyman to take care of easy repairs, which will help to increase the value of your property. HomeAdvisor is a great resource to find local handymen.

Power Wash the Property

If you want to get the outside of the house looking as clean as possible, you should consider power washing the exterior to remove the dirt and grime with excellent efficiency. Whether you decide to buy your own power washer or use professional services is up to you, but professionals will have industry-grade equipment, thus allowing them to give your home a deeper clean than you could on your own. Checkout Beach Power Washing for cleaning services throughout Tidewater.

Get Rid of Poor Odors

Although bad odors do not show up in pictures or videos, they do make a difference when potential buyers come to check out the property in person. It is important to get rid of any poor odors inside your home, which will help you prevent buyers from being concerned with the smell of your home. When potential buyers do not find reasons to hesitate with purchasing your home, you will sell your property faster. If the odor inside your home is really strong, ServePro of Virginia Beach can help you eliminate it.

Paint the Home a Neutral Color

Painting is not that tough of a job to handle on your own, and with a weekend to spare and the right equipment, you can paint your home to make it more appealing when you put it up for sale. If your home is already painted a neutral color, you might just need a touch-up, but if it is not neutral, you should think about painting the entire home in a neutral color to attract a wider audience. If you need help picking out colors, checkout this Benjamin Moore page on painting ideas.

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