Proper Planning Reduces the Stress of Moving

This week I have guest post from my friends at about how proper planning reduces the stress of moving.

If you think moving once is stressful, try to imagine moving 12 times!

Americans are said to move an average of 11 to 12 times over the course of their lives. You would think that each move might be a little less stressful than the previous one, but 41% of second-time home buyers felt that their second move was more stressful than their first. If number two was worse than number one, how is number twelve going to be?

Part of what makes moving so stressful is that there is such a large number of things to be done aside from the actual move itself. It is the packing, cleaning, and scheduling, the mountain of forms and the other responsibilities that have to be taken care of. Hauling your boxes from one place to another might be physically strenuous, but it is all the prep work that leaves you feeling like a bundle of nerves.

So if moving seems to be an inevitable part of life, is there a way to make it any less stressful?

Organization and proper planning are the keys to combating the stress of moving homes. When you have a clearly defined idea of what you need to accomplish and when, you can break the whole process down step by step, making it feel much more manageable.

The Mr. Rekey Checklist of 57 Things To Do When Moving Into a New House outlines everything you need to remember from 8 weeks before the day of your move until a week after you are already living in your new house. It provides useful resources, helpful packing hacks, and creative pointers to simplify every step you will take on your moving journey.

With the help of Mr. Rekey’s moving checklist, you can change your next move from stressful to successful today.


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