Home Staging in the Virginia Beach Area

Home Staging in the Virginia Beach Area

Home staging in the Virginia Beach area is the act of preparing a house or condominium for sale. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the largest parade of potential buyers, enabling it to sell more quickly and for more money.

A home stager’s clients include builders, homeowners, and Realtors. Home staging in the Virginia Beach area for a realtor means selling a house faster means happy customers, more referrals, repeat business, and of course more commissions.

If you are preparing to sell your house, besides finding a realtor, the next major task is preparing the house for sale.  Experts agree that home staging gets a house sold faster and gets a higher price.

Home Staging in Virginia Beach area

  1. Before any home is put on the market, staging is essential. People looking to buy your house may not want to live in it as you do, with the starfish theme running throughout the house. They need the house to look like it would be one they could live in comfortably.
  2. An empty house may be a problem for an agent and seller. When potential homebuyers see an empty house, they are sometimes at a loss as to what they would do with it. So work with the agent to give potential buyers an idea of what the house would look like.

9 Recommendations for Home Staging in Virginia Beach area:

  1. Emphasize Curb Appeal. The lawn should be mowed and edged, dead stuff taken away or raked, plants trimmed. Siding and windows washed.
  2. Freshly paint the front door. This is the welcome mat to your home. Make sure the bell and porch light work.
  3. Declutter every room. You want potential; homebuyers to imagine their belongings, pictures, art, books in “their” new home.” Get them to think it’s their house from the time they walk in the door.
  4. Make sure the house is clean. Nothing will turn off the buyer more than filth. If they feel unclean walking through your house, you’ve failed to make a sale.
  5. Clean out the closets, the medicine cabinet, and the tops of dressers.
  6. Paint! Take down the pictures from the walls, spackle the nail holes, and paint. Stick to neutral colors.
  7. Decorate tables with flowers. If you have room for al fresco dining, set the table with napkins. Let them picture themselves dining outside, enjoying the conversation over candlelight.
  8. Make the rooms look bigger. Removing furniture makes the rooms look bigger.
  9. Add furniture to emphasize the purpose of the room

If you’ve read this far and say, “I don’t want to do all that stuff. I want to sell as-is and be gone.” Then, why don’t you call us? We can do a quick walkthrough, note any maintenance problems, note any improvements we need to make to bring the house up to today’s buyer’s standards and make you a cash offer. If you accept our offer, we can close in less than 30 days.

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