Handling a family member's estate

Handling a Family Member’s Estate? Sell to an Investor!

If you have recently lost a loved one, you might have found yourself immersed in handling a family member’s estate. If you are already mourning the loss, you probably don’t feel up to the task of handling the property and all of your loved one’s belongings.

Although you might be honored to have been chosen for this important process, it can be daunting. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, and you might have more trouble with the property than you originally thought. When all is said an done, you may realize that selling the inherited property to an investor who will buy quickly and not ask for any repairs, may be the best option.

The Home Might Not Pass Modern Home Inspections

Before a person can buy the home, he or she will more than likely want to have a thorough inspection done of the property. This can allow the buyer to determine if there are any major problems with the house before he or she signs the dotted line. Since the houses in these cases are often old, there’s a good chance that the house won’t pass the home inspection process.

This can lead to a few problems. First of all, a potential buyer might lose interest if he or she finds that the home needs a lot of work done before it can be brought up to code. Secondly, the buyer might have trouble securing financing if the home isn’t in good shape. This because banks require minimum property standards before approving mortgages.

If you sell the home to an investor, however, you don’t have to worry about this strict inspection process and the implications that can go along with it. 

Is the Home Outdated?

Even if the house is structurally sound and will pass an inspection, there’s a chance that you might not find a large pool of interested buyers. Many people are pass on older, outdated homes because of the effort, time and money necessary to modernize them. and make them look up-to-date. A lot of buyers are opting for newer homes or to design and build their own homes instead. An investor knows what to expect and does not mind purchasing outdated homes.

Are You Exhausted from Dealing with the Probate Process?

Dealing with probate in Virginia can be draining. This is especially true when you’re dealing with the emotions of losing a loved one and when you have you own responsibilities.

Unfortunately, if you try to sell the home the traditional way, you probably have an even longer and more stressful road ahead of you. You have to worry about getting the home into shape so that it can be sold, hosting showings, working with a real estate agent and waiting months — or even a year — for the house to sell.

To make things easier on yourself, it’s a good idea to sell to an investor. Then, you can skip the process of dealing with a real estate agent and the hassle picky buyers who may not even qualify for a loan. You can reduce the stress on yourself and can instead focus on healing and moving forward.

As you can see, when handling a family member’s estate, selling their home to an investor can be your best option. By doing so, you avoid dealing with the potential problems of putting it on the market in the traditional way. Luckily, we can help make the process a lot faster, easier and less expensive for you. We buy houses in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake as well as the rest of Hampton Roads. If you contact us today, you can find out more about selling your loved one’s house–stress free.

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