10 Tips to Make Hampton Roads Downsizing Easier

10 Tips to Make Hampton Roads Downsizing Easier

Most seniors know that there will come a day when they’ll have to downsize. 80 million boomers will retire over the next eight and a half years. They will want to downsize either to simplify their lifestyle, to cut costs, to be closer to grandchildren, or to address medical needs. Many will want to move to warmer weather and smaller quarters. We have assembled 10 Tips to make Hampton Roads Downsizing Easier.

It’s often a stressful and tolling process – both emotionally and physically. But it doesn’t have to get overwhelming.

10 Tips to make Hampton Roads Downsizing Easier

  1. Start Early. MYMOVE says to give yourself plenty of time for this process because it will inevitably take longer than you expect. You don’t want a narrow window to move. Take your time, and don’t try to sort through your entire house in one day or weekend. A couple of weeks to a month is a more realistic timeline. Take it one room at a time, and take breaks throughout.
  2. Assess your needs. Deciding what you really need requires a good long look at how you live your life daily and prioritizing the activities and items that are already a part of your actual lifestyle–not those activities or items that you want to be part of your lifestyle but haven’t gotten around to yet.
  3. Start Small. Start in an area with little emotional attachment. The laundry room or linen closet are good options. An attic where you have stored things for years is not the best place to start. Understand your needs. If you’re moving into a two-bedroom house, four sets of sheets should be plenty. The rest can go.
  4. Measure your furniture. You will need to know how your furniture will (or won’t) fit into your new space – particularly large items such as your sofa and your bed – so measure everything.
  5. Assess your new storage areas. Yes, the house or apartment is gorgeous, and the views are terrific, but assessing exactly how much of the new space is dedicated to storage will give you an idea of the volume of items you need to dispose of before moving in.

5 More of the 10 Tips to make Hampton Roads Downsizing EasierM\

  1. Sell your stuff. With Craigslist, eBay, numerous smartphone apps, yard sales, and an abundance of consignment shops, selling your belongings has never been easier. It takes time to sell off your stuff. Another reason to start early.
  2. Move large items first. Move your furniture into your new home first. You will have the most energy for this task at the beginning of the move, and it will also give you a better indication of where the smaller things will go.
  3. Organize your space as you unpack. – Utilize closet and cupboard storage solutions as you unpack. This way, more can be stored in these tight spaces, and you will be setting a precedent for how your new, smaller space will be used.
  4. Allow some time to reminisce. While you’re cleaning and sorting, there will be some days when you want to stop emptying the kids’ bedrooms and just look through the kindergarten drawings, soccer trophies, and once-prized stuffed animals. It’s OK to pause and let the nostalgia take over for a bit. Cry if you need to, or move on to another room and come back. This is why you started early – just don’t let it prevent you from eventually getting the job done.
  5. If you have downsized already, and your new home feels small, try hiring an interior designer for ways to make your house look and feel bigger.

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